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The science of design, purposeful activity, and accomplishment. 

CybSights is a trademark of the Society for its programme of online and face to face events.
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About us
CybSights is the Cybernetics Society forum for exploring cybernetics, its practice, relevance, and impacts in its many fields. Cybernetics is the science of achievement, the great meta-discipline of our time.  ll are welcome, bring enquiring minds and respect. Attendance is free or by voluntary donation. Please book here.  Cybernetics and the Society seek understanding of the vast domain of active causation, internally controlled behaviour towards outcomes of value in living and non-living organizations. We cultivate the principles and praxis required to design policies, interventions, and innovations for social and ecological weal.  Joining the Society gives MCybS and FCybS awards to suitably experienced or qualified individuals. Please also join our events.